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“Wait In Line”

I can’t shake this feeling
At the end o’ each day
That I keep on working hard
But all I do is get paid
Though I keep believing
There’s a light up ahead
‘Cause it’s only getting darker
And I could stay in my bed

It’s a fight
It takes so long
But I’ve learned to hold my own

So I stand
And I wait in line
With a heavy head
And this bottle of wine
And I watch
As they steal my time
I stand and I wait in line
I stand and I wait in line

I walk home in the shadows
I carry my cage
And I hope they notice
What I brought to the stage

‘Cause it’s a fight
And it takes so long
But I’ve learned to hold my own

So I stand
And I wait in line
With a heavy head
And this bottle of wine
And I watch
As they steal my time
I stand and I wait in line
I stand and I wait in line

Ooh whenever it gets inside
It gets so hard to hide
Whenever it gets inside
Ooh I know you’ll turn out right
Giving it all my life
I know you’ll turn out right

And I stand
And I wait in line
With a heavy head
And this bottle of wine
And I vow
As they steal my time
I know one day I’ll get mine
And I stand here and wait in line

I stand and I wait in line
I stand and I wait in line

James Bay



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The flying doubt   2 comments

I love to fly. I really do.

For some time now job has given me an opportunity to fly quite often which is nice and on the other hand quite demanding. There was a time when I was thinking not to unpack at all after a trip, but rather just to take my bag with me on tomorrow trip without packing again. Now the balance is created so there is no crazy flying anymore.

Nevertheless I want to share a story which was for me quite surprising. Everything happened a while ago. Like I said – I like to fly – so it surprised me even more why¬†there was a doubt and what on earth – or should I say in sky ūüôā – possessed me to felt that way. I felt a little fear that was crawling into me and that was not a funny feeling. But after it – something more – and a lot of it…

Anyway, without further ado, here is it, and here is how it happened. What is interesting that I wrote it on my cell while flying, I wrote it just the way it come to me..

So here it goes..

Are you ready for lift off? Are you ready to be push or to be pulled? Looking forward to it! Can wait! Go!


Yes up we go! Could you see the airplane shadow on the ground?


Oopsss! Did we start that U turn already?! Seams kinda quick..


Leaving the runaway behind us…


Still working on those 180 degrees.


Into the clouds.


Expecting rough weather captain? Well yeah, kinda…


Quick flash on the beauty of hope..


Stop rocking the boat! Turbulence! Why are we bumping up and down so much? The questions are popping, odds, purpose, all the big ones.


Wait a minute. Maybe, after all…


Oh you little faith you…


You want beauty, well the way is through storm! Like in life…


Snow, still thinking skiing? Na, above clouds! Flaying home!



Sea above clouds? Above horizon? Snow, sea? I need to check my eyes :)..



You want me to draw something with the wing?


Who’s playing tricks on me know! Another lake in the sky? Enough Рdescent Рhome!


Turbalance, fear, hope – e.g. quite a bumpy ride :)…



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With crows on my tail   Leave a comment

Despite the low temperature I decided to escort the penultimate day of the year with a run. Because of all the obligations in this year I was unable to play and do sports as much as I wanted and needed to.

After a first few meters I felt so fulfilled which was a confirmation that I didn’t make a mistake.


There is something primordial in running and general in mobility. Despite the cold and just a few passers-by the run was really nice and special.

I was accompanied by with so many crows and strong northeastern wind that counted every bone in my body, it was quite cold.


However, as it happens in life, at the end of my jogging the sun welcomed me.


I wish you all a Happy New 2016!

Health and happiness, but above all, I wish you that you do what you love and what makes you happy!


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Why?   1 comment

I could never understand the need of certain people for the profits which is for them ahead of everything. For their own earnings they are able to destroy everything and everyone around them, but they do not understand that they are also tearing apart our only home ‚Äď Earth. This kind of selfishness is destructive on so many levels, but this one ‚Äď which is repeated every year at this time ‚Äď especially grieves me.

Of course, this is not the worst thing that could be seen in this world of so many unfortunate sorrows. I do not want to even think of much worse cases, but this really bothers me, probably because I see it and witness to this violent act every year again and again.

Every year at Christmas day you can see remains of what was a day earlier goods for customer with many gold coins in their deep pockets. ¬†A large number of pine trees that are not sold on Christmas Eve are just lying around ‚Äď with the exception that in recent years they are neatly arranged in a pile.


This scene gives me the creeps. The pine seems like random victims of a senseless and unnecessary disaster. Why ‚Äď and why so many?


Victims randomly stack up

As you can imagine the majority of pine trees that were left behind was the most expensive ones – which is confirmed by the price tag on one of them.


The Price tag on Christmas

Greed. Human greed. Such a terrible thing!

Makes me sad…


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Miles for a Smile   Leave a comment

Yesterday¬†I was supposed to meet with my friend for the¬†pleasant conversation with the specialty of hops – beer…¬†I was looking forward to spending time with him and asking my thousand inevitable questions about the length of the boom, the joints, the sails and the forms of boards for windsurfing.

I knew that the questions will create create a new blue turtleneck sweater on the neck of my friend who will – as always –¬†neatly and patiently give the answers to my newbie questions and fascination of the sport, which – for me – has no equal. After all what else can beat the wind, sea and blue sky with silence and submax heart rate and uncertainty of return…

Ah yes, blisters on the hands and bloody feet ‚ėļÔłŹ, but more on that topic some other time.

But after ten meetings, and the last one which was maintained for up to 5 pm, and of course was the most difficult one, and at the same time brought me to a strange disappointment Рthe one on a matter of life and truth. Well, you can say that it is strange for a guy at my age to get such disappointment, but there you go, I guess I am the sort of romantic one who still believe in wright and wrong, and humanity..

Unfortunately, I had no strength left to socialize and all I was capable of after that kind of meeting was to put on running shoes and set off on a run to remove from my head all those nice people who surround me every day for eight and more business hours, testing my limits Рover and over again, and each time a little more, each time a little further.

I started to run a little disinterested but after a while all together went in another direction. It was pleasant to see the fade version of everything that is not essential, and time has become important, but inversely. It was not important to run quicker and faster but longer and unencumbered, with free mind..

Mile after mile and a collage days come into mind..

It was my first 7.5 miles and I was smiling!

So when in doubt – and if you can – try jogging, but do not stress yourself too much about how, when, times and all the other questions, just go there and give it a go. It will do you good!


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Night wink   Leave a comment

Well hello there! Let me wink you back, and how come you are changing positions in the night so often? A puzzle that is, but anyway thanks for stopping by to wish me a good night. Let me just say, if you didn’t know, important role you have so keep on going my friend and don’t you ever get tired!

Because, as we know, without you all chaos will brake loose!

Night Wink

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Long Night of Museums   4 comments

In Croatia, as elsewhere in the world, for some time is very popular action called Long Night of Museums, a time when more than 100 museums across the country open their door from 6 PM to 1 AM for free.
People love to come and visit five of six museums in one night and you can see large crowds and a long tail of visitors waiting to come in museums and look around.

I visited one of the museum and that would not be anything unusual if I was not welcomed by a special guest who joyously welcomed me! The museum staff happily explained to me that the special guest was the first visitor who has waited outside of the museum doors to be let in.
You can already guess who it was, furry little creature, cuddly face, who bumped in each visitors feet with intention to be cuddled. He got himself a little milk and was purring contentedly and just seeing in the visitors. Needless to say that the kitty was the real star of the exhibition and soon everybody becom friendly with our new host :).

Well, until the next opportunity my colorful, furry friend...



IMG_2984 IMG_2986

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Above locked love   2 comments

Above locked love we stand

In warm feathers for rain we wait..


But wait, on the other side isn’t it the same… DSC_1610

Oh yes, same all, same all, the life is here and there

But are you present to notice

We should be, because someone is always looking


Funny thing, when I got back from my recent trip form Hungary – where I took the first and last photo – I found the same locks (like in many countries and cities I guess) in my home town. Even the swan was similar but – I have to be honest – the last photo shows the swan with Hungarian passport :).

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View Above   2 comments


Hey, where are you off to­? Are you not afraid what might came along the way? The path is narrow and often covered with thorns. But, where do you get the courage, what sets you so straight and what is in your eye which so eagerly looks over another hill on the way… You travel light, the bag is flat and just a few drops of water keeps you company. With the hat and hoisted, worn suit Рthe stick is your main companion, but the certainty of your appearance which dominates the picture is so impressive!

So Buen Viaje my friend, and do not forget the others who so timidly placed their thoughts in your half-empty bag that you so intently leave room for.

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Last Sunset in 2014   8 comments

Despite the cold, for the last day of 2014 I decided to take a walk and to take a look of my town and how he has letting the year go.

The day was sunny and cold but nevertheless it was a healthy and rewording experience especially because I took a walk at the old part of a town which I like the most. The old part still has a soul and the stories are still there, one should just slow a bit down and start to listen to old and reach history, which you can find everywhere you look.

I had arrived quite early so there were still enough light to approach and to see a center piece that dominates over Zagreb vistas.

To the Infinity

After moving around a little bit, listening to the music from the main square I couldn’t stop to¬†wonder how many tourists is in town, which was a pleasant thing. I heard Italian, Portuguese, German, English, all having a nice time, which is great! The days are short and the last sunset starts to create beautiful colors and nice atmosphere which transported me in some kinda Fairy Tale.

Yellow Fair Tale

Of course that called me to revisit the main protagonist once more, which I knew it¬†will be bathed in new light with special colors and I wasn’t wrong. The Cathedral and the church¬†were watching at the Winking Moon.

Unity with the Winking Moon

The cold wind pick up and I start to feel it in my bones, which was a clear signal to call it a day and head it home. After all there were a party to go to, because it was a New Years Eve after all!

I took a look at last sunset in 2014 and the cold starts to take over a day.

Cold takes over

Seams that with the light the beauty is gone too, because everything starts to look different, so I put my camera away, lift my coat up, stuck the cap on and hurried home to warmth.

All the best to you all in 2015!


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