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Yesterday I was supposed to meet with my friend for the pleasant conversation with the specialty of hops – beer… I was looking forward to spending time with him and asking my thousand inevitable questions about the length of the boom, the joints, the sails and the forms of boards for windsurfing.

I knew that the questions will create create a new blue turtleneck sweater on the neck of my friend who will – as always – neatly and patiently give the answers to my newbie questions and fascination of the sport, which – for me – has no equal. After all what else can beat the wind, sea and blue sky with silence and submax heart rate and uncertainty of return…

Ah yes, blisters on the hands and bloody feet ☺️, but more on that topic some other time.

But after ten meetings, and the last one which was maintained for up to 5 pm, and of course was the most difficult one, and at the same time brought me to a strange disappointment – the one on a matter of life and truth. Well, you can say that it is strange for a guy at my age to get such disappointment, but there you go, I guess I am the sort of romantic one who still believe in wright and wrong, and humanity..

Unfortunately, I had no strength left to socialize and all I was capable of after that kind of meeting was to put on running shoes and set off on a run to remove from my head all those nice people who surround me every day for eight and more business hours, testing my limits – over and over again, and each time a little more, each time a little further.

I started to run a little disinterested but after a while all together went in another direction. It was pleasant to see the fade version of everything that is not essential, and time has become important, but inversely. It was not important to run quicker and faster but longer and unencumbered, with free mind..

Mile after mile and a collage days come into mind..

It was my first 7.5 miles and I was smiling!

So when in doubt – and if you can – try jogging, but do not stress yourself too much about how, when, times and all the other questions, just go there and give it a go. It will do you good!



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