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I could never understand the need of certain people for the profits which is for them ahead of everything. For their own earnings they are able to destroy everything and everyone around them, but they do not understand that they are also tearing apart our only home – Earth. This kind of selfishness is destructive on so many levels, but this one – which is repeated every year at this time – especially grieves me.

Of course, this is not the worst thing that could be seen in this world of so many unfortunate sorrows. I do not want to even think of much worse cases, but this really bothers me, probably because I see it and witness to this violent act every year again and again.

Every year at Christmas day you can see remains of what was a day earlier goods for customer with many gold coins in their deep pockets.  A large number of pine trees that are not sold on Christmas Eve are just lying around – with the exception that in recent years they are neatly arranged in a pile.


This scene gives me the creeps. The pine seems like random victims of a senseless and unnecessary disaster. Why – and why so many?


Victims randomly stack up

As you can imagine the majority of pine trees that were left behind was the most expensive ones – which is confirmed by the price tag on one of them.


The Price tag on Christmas

Greed. Human greed. Such a terrible thing!

Makes me sad…



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