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Long Night of Museums   4 comments

In Croatia, as elsewhere in the world, for some time is very popular action called Long Night of Museums, a time when more than 100 museums across the country open their door from 6 PM to 1 AM for free.
People love to come and visit five of six museums in one night and you can see large crowds and a long tail of visitors waiting to come in museums and look around.

I visited one of the museum and that would not be anything unusual if I was not welcomed by a special guest who joyously welcomed me! The museum staff happily explained to me that the special guest was the first visitor who has waited outside of the museum doors to be let in.
You can already guess who it was, furry little creature, cuddly face, who bumped in each visitors feet with intention to be cuddled. He got himself a little milk and was purring contentedly and just seeing in the visitors. Needless to say that the kitty was the real star of the exhibition and soon everybody becom friendly with our new host :).

Well, until the next opportunity my colorful, furry friend...



IMG_2984 IMG_2986


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Above locked love   2 comments

Above locked love we stand

In warm feathers for rain we wait..


But wait, on the other side isn’t it the same… DSC_1610

Oh yes, same all, same all, the life is here and there

But are you present to notice

We should be, because someone is always looking


Funny thing, when I got back from my recent trip form Hungary – where I took the first and last photo – I found the same locks (like in many countries and cities I guess) in my home town. Even the swan was similar but – I have to be honest – the last photo shows the swan with Hungarian passport :).

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View Above   2 comments


Hey, where are you off to­? Are you not afraid what might came along the way? The path is narrow and often covered with thorns. But, where do you get the courage, what sets you so straight and what is in your eye which so eagerly looks over another hill on the way… You travel light, the bag is flat and just a few drops of water keeps you company. With the hat and hoisted, worn suit – the stick is your main companion, but the certainty of your appearance which dominates the picture is so impressive!

So Buen Viaje my friend, and do not forget the others who so timidly placed their thoughts in your half-empty bag that you so intently leave room for.

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