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Hey, where are you off to­? Are you not afraid what might came along the way? The path is narrow and often covered with thorns. But, where do you get the courage, what sets you so straight and what is in your eye which so eagerly looks over another hill on the way… You travel light, the bag is flat and just a few drops of water keeps you company. With the hat and hoisted, worn suit – the stick is your main companion, but the certainty of your appearance which dominates the picture is so impressive!

So Buen Viaje my friend, and do not forget the others who so timidly placed their thoughts in your half-empty bag that you so intently leave room for.


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  1. One thing that I don’t understand is why all the locks on the fence? Never saw that before. I’m sure there is a reason. ~ Les


    • Thanks for the comment Les. I think you reffer to post with locks and in my opinion it represent the bond that last. It is my guess, but maybe it is something else, who knows :).


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