The flying doubt   2 comments

I love to fly. I really do.

For some time now job has given me an opportunity to fly quite often which is nice and on the other hand quite demanding. There was a time when I was thinking not to unpack at all after a trip, but rather just to take my bag with me on tomorrow trip without packing again. Now the balance is created so there is no crazy flying anymore.

Nevertheless I want to share a story which was for me quite surprising. Everything happened a while ago. Like I said – I like to fly – so it surprised me even more why there was a doubt and what on earth – or should I say in sky 🙂 – possessed me to felt that way. I felt a little fear that was crawling into me and that was not a funny feeling. But after it – something more – and a lot of it…

Anyway, without further ado, here is it, and here is how it happened. What is interesting that I wrote it on my cell while flying, I wrote it just the way it come to me..

So here it goes..

Are you ready for lift off? Are you ready to be push or to be pulled? Looking forward to it! Can wait! Go!


Yes up we go! Could you see the airplane shadow on the ground?


Oopsss! Did we start that U turn already?! Seams kinda quick..


Leaving the runaway behind us…


Still working on those 180 degrees.


Into the clouds.


Expecting rough weather captain? Well yeah, kinda…


Quick flash on the beauty of hope..


Stop rocking the boat! Turbulence! Why are we bumping up and down so much? The questions are popping, odds, purpose, all the big ones.


Wait a minute. Maybe, after all…


Oh you little faith you…


You want beauty, well the way is through storm! Like in life…


Snow, still thinking skiing? Na, above clouds! Flaying home!



Sea above clouds? Above horizon? Snow, sea? I need to check my eyes :)..



You want me to draw something with the wing?


Who’s playing tricks on me know! Another lake in the sky? Enough – descent – home!


Turbalance, fear, hope – e.g. quite a bumpy ride :)…




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2 responses to “The flying doubt

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  1. Great post! That last image is fantastic!

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